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    Get The Latest Glo 4G LTE MiFi With Free 16GB Data

    Globacom has raised the bar again in the nation’s telecoms industry as it announced a bundle offer of large data with 4G LTE MiFi thus extending the threshold of the unfair advantage for its teeming subscribers. The company said in a press statement in Lagos that it is giving out a bundle offer of the […] More

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    2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Includes MBUX Voice Assistant, Here’s a First Look

    Daimler’s all-new Mercedes A-Class includes the automaker’s own machine-learning and voice recognition technology in one of the industry’s boldest attempts so far to take on its competitors. The Mercedes “MBUX” dashboard system is capable of understanding what you say, and even more importantly, what you mean, similar to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Alphabet’s Google […] More

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    The Advantages of Placing Instagram in your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Instagram is a fun site, full of beautiful visuals and breathe taking pictures. This social app has more than 800 million active users these days. But Instagram is much more than just having the collection of amazing pictures. The app is now part of the digital marketing strategy of a lot of business. Digital marketing […] More

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    Advantages of Selling Online

    Having a business is tough: it involves not only creating an interesting product or service, but along with it is the need to ensure that you get good returns on your investment. With the tough competition out there, it is not always easy to make it through. That is why, as a business, you should […] More

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    The Best Content Marketing Lessons to Learn from Top 7 Brands

    We won’t be talking about content marketing today if it is not something that has been tested and trusted okay. A lot of companies have done it before you, a lot of business are currently in it, and there is still a very large chunk of the pie from you to take a bite from […] More

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    Update: WhatsApp Business is Now Available in Play Store For all Countries

    Hello guys, this is a great news for all Business Owners as the Official WhatsApp Business is now rolled out globally, anybody from any part of the world can now download and install the app from Play Store (No more restriction to particular countries). A few days back, the app was announced and custody in […] More

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    Samsung Will Release Smartphones with Foldable OLED Displays and Bixby to Drive Growth in 2018

    During Samsung’s Q4 earnings report conference call today, the company announced that smartphones with foldable OLED displays and Bixby will help drive growth in 2018, while also entering new businesses related to artificial intelligence as well as smart devices. Concepts, like the one you see in the above video, have been floating around the internet […] More

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    Will February be a good month for Bitcoin?

    I’ve talked about this a bit here previously, and so far from what data at hand, the trend shows that February has generally been a decent month for Bitcoin in recent years. As it gathered more popularity, seasonal trends start to be more consistent and in the last three years we’ve seen Bitcoin gain in […] More

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    Nokia 10 with Penta Lens Camera Gets Rendered Based on Leaked Images

    Nokia is no longer a household name, or at least when it comes to cell phones, but they’re still in the game. The upcoming Nokia 10 is rumored to sport a penta lens camera, and according to a leaked image from Baidu, this means five lenses placed around a circular module, similar to the Lumia […] More

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    The most luxurious houses of the famous Banana Island

    Banana Island is a pretty well-known location in Lagos, Nigeria. Why is it so popular? It’s quite simple: the richest people in the country live there, and it is often referred to as a Paradise for millionaires. Here you can find the most luxurious villas and the most beautiful houses in Nigeria. How do they […] More