Inspirational Ideas Represented By Photos

  • Murphy door

I always wish to build an underground room to my future mansion, that photo above might be the way, The door entrance would look like. You will hardly find out that an entrance is there. I just like the concept

  • Bookcase Door

That one looks great too. Imagine, someone can go hide inside there, pretending to be away and no one will ever find out. Nice concept as well.

  • Bird House

Lolz, this one is very amazing too. Hiding keys in a birdhouse, you can go wherever you feel like going, no one will ever find out. It’s one of the safe way to hide keys, so far no body finds you.

  • Carpet

An underground which has a door way through a carpet. You will hardly find out. No trace.

As you have seen all that.I know you have learnt a lot. You can apply that to any house you want to build.

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