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Most cheap domain name hosting out there are not reliable, it takes an experienced person to know the ones that are reliable or not. After 9 years of blogging, I have come to realize that, hardwork and consistency pays very well.

I started out with I enjoyed it then. But I had setbacks, such as site customizations, uploading of files other images and Videos,and so on. So I moved onto Godaddy for my domain hosting which migrated my website to Self-hosted WordPress site . Godaddy had resource usage issues . Which affected my website. Godaddy was very cheap, in return it is not reliable. After few years, I discovered a very nice hosting company. It goes by the name 1and1. Actually their hosting package wasn’t that cheap, just that during the signup, new users normally get discounts, so I got mine. Launched my website. A WordPress based website like I said. Uptill now, I have never encountered any issues related to hosting. Their website service is okay, they have a very fast server. So I would recommend anyone who wish to launch a website to go to 1and1 or visit Obisujservices to get your website launched without any hassles. What do you have to say about

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