How to get Airtel 3G Data Plan For N1000

I’m not really a fan of Airtel, but I always like to surf the Internet. I can remember the times when Free browsing is like a common thing, It’s mostly with MTN Network. It was very fast, unlimited. I like watching YouTube videos with it. Until one very unfaithful moment, they blocked it. I knew that what I did was illegal, so I didn’t bother calling them through their customer care line. Cheers!

There were so many free browsing tunnel then. Simple server software, Freedom software for PC

Nowadays things has changed, Browsing the Internet seem very expensive,and moreover it does not last up to a month.

I want to share with you guys, how I got an offer from Airtel to browse using a 3GB plan for N1000 for one month. It’s called Airtel double offer. It happened when I bought a new Airtel SIM for my company ; Obisuj Services. So after few days , I got a congratulatory message, telling me that I have got an offer to get double data offer,that I should dial *144#. Which I did, so I got it. Check the image below

You too can still enjoy same thing.

What to do :

Go and buy New Airtel SIM,after that, dial *144#. that’s just it.

Enjoy! While it lasts. It’s blazing hot.

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