Introduction to Some Rules of Wealth

Hello fans, It’s a great weekend. Today we are going to talk about overview of the rules of wealth. it’s going to be under inspiration category. Let’s be honest. We all want to be well off, wealthy, rich, abundant. And we are fascinated by others who already are. How did they do it? How can we do it too?

For seven days, we are going to talk about some rules you need to keep and obey, in other to be wealthy.

The simple truth is that wealthy people tend to understand and do things the rest of us don’t. From mindsets to actual actions. They follow behavioral rules when it comes to their wealth and these rules are what separate them from everybody else. The basis of the rules I’m going to talk about is that these are all things I have observed wealthy people do. This is, if you like, sympathetic magic. If we do like them, we will become like them. This actually does works.

Mind you, no individual rule guarantees success. But each narrows the odds. They all increase our chances of making money. It’s not as easy as a quick win on the blackjack table but it is more assured and long term and it doesn’t make you an addict or have you chasing a losing streak.

Money is a concept, you can’t really see or touch it (unless you are holding a gold bar in your hand). You can only do that with some physical symbol of it like bank note or a cheque.Bit of paper, yes. But bits of paper with enormous power.

I’m going to get you to look at how much effort you are prepared to put into making money. It’s a bit like a sport – the more you practice the better you become. Likewise you can’t make money while being lazy. You have got to put in some work here you know.

You’ve also got to know pretty intimately what you want, why you want it.,how you think you are going to get it, what you are going to do with it after you have got it-stuffs like that. No one said this was going to be easy..

This is just an introduction, The rules I’m about to reveal to you, take it very serious, work on it, very soon, you will become wealthy. Stay tuned and connected!

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