Nokia 11 Smartphone Boasts Nearly Bezel-Free Display, Dual Front Cameras

This year may be the time for Samsung, LG, Google, and Apple to shine, but next year, Nokia may have more than one new handset up their sleeves.

The Nokia 11 would be for those who don’t quite need a flagship smartphone, but would still like a nearly bezel-free display, dual front-facing cameras, and just a single rear camera

The handset is made of metal, with an unibody approach and has a hefty ring around the camera, perhaps too massive and brutal to be sexy. We also have a dual front camera above the screen and I can’t seem to spot any earpiece, so that’s probably replaced with a piezoelectric mechanism. Then we obviously have the narrow bezel screen and the handset’s rectangular format, both feats one can associate with Nokia and Xperia easily,” reports

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