“People must respect and expect change” Peter Okoye of P-square says as he covers Magazine

Peter and Paul could sing, they could dance, they were “marketable”, they were focused, they could make a hits out of any genre they chose to, the replay value of their albums was an insanity, they raised the bar- video after video, they kept the scandals at the barest minimum, they had the heart of almost every Nigerian girl, They raked in awards upon awards, their music surged through borders and possibly unknown to them, they subconsciously became a societal symbol for family, togetherness and brotherhood. From that kind of perceived stability, particularly with their big Brother Jude holding down the business side of things (visuals too), splitting up was definitely a far cry; completely unfathomable…

Or, so the public thought.

But according to Peter, 30 children cannot play together for 30 years.

Click the link below to read the entire gist and to see stunning pictures of Mr P on

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