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Gionee A1 Review: Five (5) reasons not to buy Gionee A1

Gionee A1, which is a smartphone released by Gionee, a Chinese Company, has proven itself to perform greatly in taking awesome pictures through the front camera (Selfie) .

Gionee A1 has a 4GB ram size, 32GB rom as it internal storage, 4010mah battery capacity, 16mp front camera, 13mp rear camera. It possess 2.0GHZ processor speed with an octa core chip.

It is unfortunate, after having all these features, Gionee A1 still have some flaws.


Gionee A1 possess a battery capacity of 4010mah, but still, it does not last up to 12 hours on 3G steady use. The battery capacity is not that strong when compared to Gionee M6 or Itel 1516 plus, which has a battery capacity of 5000mah each.


This one really baffles me. In a normal temperature of 25°C which most Android gets up to, prior to charging, Gionee A1 temperature normally rises up to 43° C as well. This means that Gionee A1 feels hot most of the time; when compared to most Gionee phones.

Wlan Hotspot Compatibility Issue with Ralink RT5390R Drivers on most HP laptops

Due to the Android version Gionee A1 possess. It has proven issues with most Hp computers while searching up the Wlan Hotspot of the smart phone. HP computers does not discover the Wlan Hotspot of the smart phone.

Does not take clear a day bright photos through the rear camera

Gionee A1 has disappointed so many of it’s users from it’s spec. It is said to have a 13mp at the rear camera, Eventually, it takes dark and dull photos. Even in a normal bright environment.

Hybrid Slot

This is a feature most Gionee A1 users do not like at all. Its a 50-50 offer between the Tf Card and the nano sim card. This means that either the smartphone uses a TF CARD and will not use the second sim card or the smartphone uses a second sim card and will not use a Tf card. It shows that the smartphone either uses one micro sim and one Tf card (memory card) or one micro sim and nano sim. No dual Sim card feature.

The choice is yours. To me, Gionee A1 does not worth it’s price.

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