Some Ideas About Love

I want to share with you some things I know about love.

To me,love is what happens which leads to getting fond of someone,Being able to do a lot for someone, sacrificing for someone, loving someone so passionately.

There is something that’s been going on and on.

That thing is that,there is nothing like true love. True love does not exist. From my own point of view,I see true love as a love that has nothing attached to it.Love that knows no boundaries, Love for nothing, It just love for no reason.

It means that nobody can love without reason,even love between mother and child, has something attributed to it. That type of love is not true love for the fact that the mother loves her child because the child is from her own blood and flesh.She gave birth to the child.

Love can be created and can be destroyed as well. From my own point of view,there are different kinds of love which are Love for money, love for sex , love for beauty/handsomeness,Love for character,Love for material things and lots more.

Most partners, prior to their relationship will sometimes ask each other questions about why they love each other, most of them will simply say no reason,just to cover up.Indeed there are reasons,but they would not want to disclose it to their partner,because when that happens,it might lead to the end of the relationship. That’s just it. Actually you need to find out why your partner loves you,because there is nothing like true love in this 21st century.Finding out will enable you know how to treat your partner.

From my own point of view,like is almost the same thing as love,just that like is being referred mostly to not living things and love is referred to living.

  • In conclusion, true love does not exist because true love means love without reason.
  • Try to find out what kind of love your partner has for you.
  • Love can be created and can be destroyed.

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