The Teeth And Issues Behind It.

The teeth are the hard structure in the mouth used for cutting and chewing of food.Some conditions may affect the teeth and impose restriction on it’s function.
Common Affections Of The Teeth
They Include:
  • Dental Caries:- This is due to formation of adherent masses on the teeth (Plague).It is formed by bacteria breakdown of sugar in the diet.Frequent intake of sugar and sweet foods and drinks is the cause .Bacteria act on the sugar and releases lactic acid.Plague formation is promoted by poor dental care.
  • Pathological Loosening :-This is an abnormal loss of teeth,Mainly due to injury,dental caries and tumors.
  • Dental Discoloration:-This is alteration in the normal colour of the teeth.If it affects one tooth ,it may be due to dental caries or death of the tooth due to injury.Involvment of the severeal teeth in an adult may be due to smoking,spit tobaco,tea,kola,iron drugs and poor oral hygiene.In children,use of the drug tetracycline is implicated.
  • Toothache:-May be due to an infected tooth,in which case the pain is often throbbing and there may be obvious swelling around the gum area.It may resolve on its own,but if it persists,a dentist should be seen.Hold a wrapped hot water bottle against the painful check but not if an abscess is suspected.
  • Malocclusion:– This is disordered or abnormal arrangement of the teeth in the mouth.
What Causes Dental Problems?The causes include:
  1. Infection as in dental abscess.
  2. Drugs eg antibiotics,tetracycline,spit tobaccos and iron drugs,in the teeth discoloration.
  3. Injuries and tumors eg accidents and cancer of the mouth.
  4. Poor dental hygiene causing plague formation.
  5. Excessive consumption of sugary things Bacteria acts on the sugar (Sucrose) and releases lactic acid and other acids which causes dental carries
How can dental problems be prevented
Problems of the teeth can be prevented in the following ways:-
  1. Good oral hygiene using tooth paste and brush or chewing stick in the mornings and evenings.
  2. Drink water and rinse mouth after each meal to remove food debris from the teeth.
  3. Use little of sugary things
  4. Change your tooth brush every 3-6months.
  5. Wise use of drugs
  6. Tooth brushes should not be too hard or too soft.
  7. Avoid injury to the teeth,do not use teeth as opener.
  8. Report any teeth problem as early as possible to the dentistfor expert management;which may involve extraction.
What to do after tooth extraction
  1. Bite firmly on the cotton wool and remove the cotton wool after 30 minutes.
  2. If bleeding continues,replace cotton wool and bite for 20minutes.
  3. Do not spit throughout the day.
  4. Do not rinse mouth for 12 hours
  5. Avoid very hot food,too cold water throughout the day or week  of extraction.
  6. Avoid sucking or touching the site of exractions.
  7. Avoid strenous exercise throughout the day of extraction
  8. Take prescribed drugs accordingly.
  9. As from tomorrow,rinse your mouth with medium size cup of warm water containing a tea spoon of table salt 6 times daily for 7 days.
  10. Always visit the dental centre for at least 2 times a year.
  11. There is free treatment for children with cleft lips and palete



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