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Why I Deleted All My Former Articles



The world is changing and new things are coming up. It’s mostly now the world of technology, where innovations are on the high rise.Blogging is one of the products of technology innovation.I started blogging without knowing much about it. I started with a Google blogger ,a free blogging platform then migrated to WordPress platform .I don’t post regularly. I copy mostly from other website posts,this resulted to my website having a low SEO Score

I didn’t really know what I was doing then,until I got to find out that I was actually wasting my time.I was chasing the money,While forgetting that If you are really blogging for the money,you might not get the money.I thought that the higher the number of articles,the higher the number of traffic…Lolz. I got it all wrong.Blogging got me so much frustrated that I didn’t know what to write anymore, because I lacked focus based on Topics.

I have always wanted to be a blogger, but didn’t know which topic to blog about and have no time to post articles too is another factor.

Most of my fans must have seen a lot like ;Change in Categories/Niche,Change in Website structure/theme,Shutdown of website/Website coming back online, Aaaah! … lot of stuff like I said.

This year ( 2018), I decided to change for good. I decided to stop copying people’s articles, rather writing mine based on what I have to offer to my fans. I have also decided on making my articles/post look rich enough to solve people’s problem, because I see my blog now as a platform that solves peoples problem based on my topics. Due to those facts,I deleted my posts (5013 Posts).

I’m not blogging based on money anymore ,It’s all about passion and Solving people’s problem as well.

I know,most bloggers out there are still copying and pasting…lolz but that’s just their business not mine.It’s not right to copy people’s blog post.

I know you guys must have been disappointed in me. So I want to APOLOGIZE to you all.

Thank You for your understanding.


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