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Some Money Beliefs that might ruin Your Life



Get this OUT of your head!

At least we’re happy . ”Money can’t buy happiness”. “We might not be wealthy but at least we’re honest” . “Maybe it’s just not God’s will for me to have money”

Ever heard those? I’d bet you have. You can probably add a few I haven’t heard before.

Well, I call it  B*LLSH*T.

As a society, we’ve been conditioned since birth to believe that money is bad, and that being broke is somehow better.

As if having no money made you a better person, or made you more spiritual.🤔

And from the time that you and I were little, our sponge-like brain has been absorbing all these beliefs about money and wealth.

And even though they’re completely untrue in real life…..they have the power to prevent you from living the life of freedom and prosperity you know you deserve.😍

Think about it: if your goal is to be an honest, ethical, loving, caring and generous person………and you believe that having money will make you evil, mean, nasty and greedy…….your mind will not let you take actions that might increase your income.
.You’ll sabotage yourself every time.And you won’t even know it’s happening!

Here’s an example….

Imagine you’re sitting at a stoplight and a beautiful BMW pulls up beside you. It’s a $200,000 automobile.

What’s your first reaction? Is it something like…

Look at that stupid rich prick driving that big ol’ car. He probably thinks he’s better than everyone.”

Now, If your response to simply seeing a person sitting in a car was to automatically label them as a mean, evil nasty person……what does that say about your attitude about money?

I hope this post was enough to help you take the first step to solving the problem:


The first element of change is awareness. You can’t change something unless you know it exists.
But, because this post is already too long, I’ll tell you what the next steps are, and exactly how to FIX what’s going on upstairs in tomorrow’s post.

Same time, same place.❤

Keep It Up!💯

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