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My First Adobe photoshop logo design



Graphics design has always been my top priority these days because am a Digital Marketing Consultant. Nobody taught me how to design graphics, it all started from playing around with paint.exe a Windows PC application. I have been designing with paint for over 12 years.This means that my perfection with Paint is over 95%. After much designs, I got to realize that paint lacks a lot features,which makes it unsophisticated. Just few days ago, I bought Adobe CC 2018 Software Collections,Installed it in my PC.

And Guess what?

Here is my first design with Adobe Photoshop

As I design with Adobe Photoshop,I go online to check out for tutorials.So am reading tutorials gradually as I design in other to learn more.

There are much to do with Adobe Photoshop;From Photography designs to Logo Designs and lot more.

I guess for now, I won’t be working with Paint anymore. It’s all about Adobe Photoshop.

What do you guys have to say?

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