Workhorse SureFly Personal Aircraft Aims to Reinvent the Helicopter, Has 8 Independent Motors

The Workhorse SureFly Personal Aircraft may look like a drone at first glance, but it’s actually a two-seater that aims to reinvent the helicopter. It’s powered by eight independent motors power that turn eight carbon fiber propellers, all run on a gasoline engine. In case things go wrong, there’s a battery backup, but should that go belly up, ballistic parachutes are provided for all passengers. The SureFly has a 70 mile range and a running time of one hour

“The initial goal for the SureFly is to serve as an air taxi, flying a maximum distance of 70 miles, but the company’s broader vision features autonomous flight that can transport up to 400 pounds, providing advantages in not only city commute, but also agriculture and emergency response. Workhorse is currently taking pre-orders for the SureFly with a targeted price of less than $200,000


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