About Obinna Osuji: How It All Started as an IT Expert

It’s mainly about ideas merged together with some kin pulsated desire;

Obinna Osuji who happens to be a Nigerian, comes from a tribe known as IGBO said that it started back in high school and few years later with a DELL D600 Laptop.

If you don’t know him yet, let me give some details about him.

Nationality: Nigerian   State: Imo  Tribe: IGBO   Occupation: CEO/FOUNDER;  Obisuj Services Limited,  CEO/FOUNDER; Obisuj Media.

Emergence Of The Name Obisuj: Back in high school, there was a guy, by name Chukwu Mmaduabuchi Kingsley, He used to be a very good and close friend to Obinna Osuji. You know Obinna Osuji is a cool guy, so he likes flocking around with cool guys. This close friend of him, led to the coined name, Obisuj.

Obinna Osuji in his SS2 class, got an idea to write a theory on Mathematics.The name of the theory was Octractic equation.So this guy suggested that Obinna Osuji should name it Obisuj Equation.So he accepted. When Obinna Osuji finished up with the theory,he gave it to a maths teacher AKA Abraham to verify it. Abraham,the maths teacher made away with the script and never gave it back to Obinna Osuji. So that’s how he got the name.

Emergence of Dell D600: A year after Obinna Osuji graduated from high school in 2008,his mom bought a laptop for the family that has a windows xp operating system with a 256 MB ram and a 32GB HDD.To Obinna Osuji, he so much liked the computer. He always wanted to operate the computer,play games,play music,surf the internet.A day does not come to an end without him doing one or few things with the computer.The more he operates,the more he learns. But he never knew that we were entering into the computer age.He did a lot with Microsft options like Word,Excel,Power point,Publisher,Live writer.After few months,he got used to the computer. He did a lot with paints,at a point his Dad caught him when he was  transforming his innocent looking picture to a man with a beard and punished him for that.

Enrollment Into W3school: After few years with the computer,  Obinna Osuji erolled into W3school courses where he learnt Html,Javascript,PHP,CSS.After that he was able to build and redesign a website by name called . This website was the first website he built without spending a dime.It was on Google blogger platform. He kept on learning.Anyways he was learning full time because he had nothing then.After few years,he perfected a bit.

Enrollment Into The University of Liverpool: Few years have passed,Still Obinna Osuji have not got into the university.He actually wanted to study Medicine and Surgery,in other to become a Medical Doctor.You know, in Nigeria,before you get admitted into any University to study medicine and surgery,you must have  a very high connection or have exceptional score in UTME and POST UTME. Due to that,he had delays into getting admitted.Not to let those years to become a wasteful one,Obinna Osuji enrolled in an online program at University of Liverpool Laurate Online University,where he studied Computer Information Systems for Two years.He earned a certificate after two years of complete study (Associate Degree).

Blog Career: For The love of computer and the love to surf the internet,Obinna Osuji ventured into blogging.His blogging career had issues that let to change of domain names from year to year.He lots ranks to search engine optimizer.

  • He changed from to in 2012
  • He changed from to in 2014
  • He changed from to in 2015
  • He changed from to in 2017

Changing to in 2017 was really a very tasking and difficult one,

  • Because he moved from google blogger platform to Self hosted WordPress. WordPress is a bit complicated when compared to Google blogger platform.
  • Because he spent so much money to buy domains and hosting the domain,since he is now on a self hosted platform

Another factor that led to the migration from domain to domain name was  because of his inexperience in blogging.

Actually that’s how it all started. I know that there are some that I didn’t say here.He is amazing.

What do you have to say about this guy?





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