(Movie) John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

John Wick: Chapter Two, our hero is forced back into the hitman business through a blood oath that he made while trying to escape the life years ago. Gangster Santino D’Antonio helped John with his mythical “impossible task” (which allowed Wick to leave the assassin world behind), and now it’s John’s turn to help Santino by murdering Santino’s sister, Gianna, so Santino can have her seat at the “High Table” of crime bosses.

Santino taunts John by saying that he can essentially stay at the Hotel indefinitely, which prompts John to break the cardinal rule of the organization and shoot Santino in the head on the Continental grounds. The choice has severe consequences for John, who in the final scene is summoned by hotel owner Winston, who reveals that not only has the price on John’s head is now doubled and expanded internationally, but Wick has been excommunicated from all Continental locations and benefits. As a courtesy, Winston gives his old friend one hour to escape before the whole world of assassins sets out to kill him.

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