This Started as a Normal Bus, But After Lots of Work, It Became a Solar-Powered Home on Wheels

Digital nomads Zack and Annie from Arkansas wanted to live off the grid. So, they built this custom solar-powered mobile home on wheels. It all started with a 2001 Thomas HDX school bus, and quickly became a cozy home, complete with a standing workspace, kitchenette, king-sized bed, bathroom (including a composting toilet), and plenty of storage.


After several years of doing the 8-5, M-F office job and seeing each year all the places we could be, we both knew that we weren’t totally happy with how we were living. Having to go into work on the nicest of days and sit in a cubicle/room for 8 hours killed us. Zack eventually moved on to another job where he worked 100% remote. This was what set the wheels in motion

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