Heart Attack ,It’s Causes ,Types and Prevention


Heart attack or myocardial infarction is death of part of heart tissue,leading to severe chest pain,breathlessness and loss of consciousness.It is a major cause of sudden death.

Heart attack is caused by blockage of one of the arteries that supplies the heart with fatty substances (artheriosclerosis). The blocked area of the heart stops to recieve oxygen,dies and stops to function.The obstruction may be partial or complete,resulting in unnoticed or noticed is not due to evil attack.

Types of heart Attack
Heart attack can occur unnoticed or noticed.
Unnoticed heart attack occurs when there is little or partial obstruction of the blood vessel.It occurs silently without obvious signs and symptoms.It is only apparent in heart examination through ECG.One in four heart attacks occurs in this way.
Noticed heart attack.The occurrence of this type is obvious,manifesting with signs and symptoms.
How does Heart attacks show?
It presents with the following conditions:
Tight chest pain,felt behind the breast bone.
Pale,grey colour or blue lips.
Sweating and clammy skin.
Restlessness and dizziness.
Rapid weak pulse
Loss of consciousness
Heart Attack Triggers
Certain factors that may initiate the onset of the heart attack include:
Age of 45 years and above
Sex,men are at more risk but after menopuase women have equal risk due to withdrawal of the protective estrogen hormone.
Family history of the disease.
High cholesterol level above 140-300 mg/100ml
Diabetes mellitus.
Stress and lack of exercise
How to prevent Heart Attack
Regular check up,yearly to identify any disease trigger.
Stop smoking
Keep healthy weight range
Control and manage hypertension and diabetes well
Low fat and salt diet.
Good management of stress
Regular exercise.
What to do in suspected case
Do not run away from the person thinking it is an evil attack.
Sit the person upright
Do not give anything through the mouth.
Rush the person to hospital for quick clearing of the blockage to prevent permanent damage to the heart which may result to death.

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